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“We provide High security for all information received from all the Client’s and assurestrict confidentiality. We ensure this by security measures like Personal ComputerMonitoring, Data Security Policy, Data backup Policy, Confidentiality Policy and Healthand safety policy.”


Data backup is of prime importance to prevent any data loss due to disasters.Server admin configures the server to take support of all the Data. Users can also backup their data on extra hard disk, CD or DVD to lower the server space.


Vakil Auditor keeps all the data and the information provided by the client confidential and strictly the property of the client. We have a Confidentiality and Non – Disclosure Agreements with all our Clients and Employees.

We see to it that the staff working on the project will not disclose any information about the project to any third party without the prior consent of an executive officer of the Client.

We ensure that our staff will not reproduce in any way or divulge in any tangible or intangible property whatsoever which could reasonably be construed as constituting confidential information of the Client.

All the raw data, directories, print outs, processed data and finalized product are only the property of the client. Once the data is approved, we destroy all the raw and processed data.

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