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We recommend our clients to outsource accounting due to the following benefits:

  • Cost effective as clients do not need to employ highly qualified and expensive accountants.

  • Clients get the expert accounting services at a very low cost.

  • The accounting staff is always under third party check.

  • No hassles of staff turnover.

  • Increase in productivity of all other departments due to timely reporting.

  • By outsourcing, a company can have access to advanced technology to support the accounting process with less equipment and training of staff. The outsourcer assumes full responsibility for managing the day-to-day back-office operations.

  • All the above ultimately contribute to the bottom line of the clients.

We assist our customers offering Book Keeping services at affordable cost.

  • Maintenance of Computerised books of account;

  • Prepare Interim and Annual Financial Statements;

  • Maintain General ledger;

  • Complete monthly reports and year-end closings;

  • Reconcile Accounts ;

  • Prepare Depreciation Schedules;

  • Cash flow and Fund flow Statement Analysis.


We specialize in providing MIS reporting service which enable the business heads to take informed decisions. In many cases these are analytical in nature and depict the health parameters of the business.

We analyse and understand the reporting needs of your organization, and accordingly create in such an ‘easy to use format’ on everyday reporting of key data for decision making.

The reports will have analysis on historical and current financial activity and also projected future financial needs, to assess the financial health of the Business. We complement the management team on a part-time or interim basis.

Therefore, rather than hiring a full-time employee, it may be more advantageous to retain us for specific projects, or on a contractual basis to enhance the value of the enterprise at a fractional cost.


  • Various complexities come along with payroll management such as -calculating the ratio of perks, bonuses, deductions, and other reimbursements of employees.

  • Our Complete Payroll solution is extended through state-of-the-art software that take cares of the end to end payroll cycle.

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